Outside Reading – Plum Tree Tavern, Cliterature

I’ve written a few little nature poems for Plum Tree Tavern, and a rather intimate poem for Cliterature. Both are now up for reading online.


I suggest both publications generally – Plum Tree Tavern if you want the feel of streambeds at your feet and forest leaves in your hair, Cliterature if you want a starkly feminine take on sex and love.


Outside Reading – Blood & Bourbon

A poem of mine has been published in the Spring edition of Blood & Bourbon, a kick-ass publication out of Toronto that you should all read regardless.

My contribution is Bill, one of the nearer poems to my heart. You can purchase a copy from the link above, or you can read it for free via various digital platforms.

So please check it out.

To Climb or Not

Most dreams are not unobtainable,

They’re just exclusive –

Yes, you can

                        Be a firefighter

                        Scale a mountain

                        Travel to Chile, Greece, Antarctica and back

But don’t expect the bath to still be warm

Don’t expect the silver undisturbed

Don’t expect the dogs to bark the same,

When your sainted feet become mundane again

Outside Reading – Thirteen Myna Birds

Two poems of mine, Hand (There is a man in China/With one of his hands attached/To one of his ankles by thread) and Phase (We are in a transition period/The body reaching the point of rot) will be part of the flock at Thirteen Myna Birds this month.

If you have enjoyed what I’ve written here, you may enjoy these.

New York

It is possible to feel
In shoes made of concrete/pixel neon/unsourced
Metal, if you drift, quiet,
On social updrafts –
Promises accepted, hope in small bottles
Like cats’ whiskers, or built-in
I dreamt of crystals last night,
Hard-clasped to banish clouds,
And in that magic fear
Rustled soft wings.